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  • ATO blade car fuses are offered in range from 1- 35A. Very popular fuse size used in different types of cars. Fuses are packed 100 pcs in the bag.
    We are authorized distribu…

  • Set of ATO blade fuses contains

    –    5A, 7,5A, 25A and 30A fuses – one piece of each –
    –    10A, 15A, …

  • MAXI  Fuses are ideal for motor powered applications which have large inrush currents.
    They  are available in following amperages:
    – 20A

  • Set of MINI blade fuses contains
    – 5A-1,
    – 7,5A-1,
    – 10A-2,
    – 15A-2,
    – 20A-2,
    – 25A-1,
    – 30A-1.
    MINI fuses sets are packed in plastic bags